MovNat at MBSC

photo 1At MBSC we are extremely lucky that some of the smartest minds in the industry have stopped in during their travels to help make us better. We have been fortunate enough to have visits from Joe Sansalone, Neghar Fonooni, Dan John, Josh Henkin, Chris Frankel, Todd Durkin, Sue Falsone, Kelly Starrett…the list goes on. This week however, we were visited by someone whom I’d never met, from an organization I’d heard of, but knew very little of. It was Kellen Milad of MovNat. I had heard of MovNat a few months back only briefly from Dewey Nielsen. Here is Dewey applying some of MovNat’s philosophies to his youth program:

Anyways, this was designed to be a quick post to get your brain pumping about MovNat. Without going into too much detail I will just say that MovNat was challenging, mobilizing and super fun. It definitely gets you thinking about some simple things that get underappreciated or completely passed over when designing programs. MovNat focuses on movement in 3 dimensions:

1) Combative: grappling and striking

2) Locomotive: running, walking, climbing, balancing, jumping, crawling and swimming

3) Manipulative: lifting, carrying, throwing and catching

Check out their website and YouTube channel:

MovNat’s YouTube Channel

Also, follow MBSC coach Brendon Rearick for a full, in-depth post about some of his key takeaways from completing the 4-day MovNat seminar.

Body by Boyle Online members, stay tuned for Kevin Larrabee to be posting the video footage from our in-service with Kellen.

Still not a member of Body by Boyle Online? Check it out! It will give you access to not only our MovNat workshop, but all our workshops with the coaches mentioned in the first paragraph, as well as our programs, rehab protocols and staff meetings:

Body by Boyle Online


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