Garden of Life, Raw Meal. This is LEGIT.

Bravo Garden of Life, you got it! If you’re a chemical hater like me, you’ll love this. Whitney Sickler recommended this product to me, and wow has this company got their shit together. There is no reason anyone shouldn’t supplement with this. If you have any of the following restrictions or life-style choices, you’re still in the clear:

Also, if you’re like me, you purchase tons of different seeds, greens, grasses, enzymes and probiotics…all that stuff adds up, and takes FOREVER to include in your diet. And less face it, you don’t get ALL the ones you need everyday. Well now you can. Check out this list of organic, sprouted ingredients…everything from legumes, wheat grass, alfalfa, chia, coconut, barley…you name it, it’s in there.

Oh did I mention, there are also 26 superfoods in this?

Garden of Life also makes protein powder with many of the same ingredients. However, it doesn’t have all of the sprouted grains and greens, so I use both. Get after it.

I have no affiliation with Garden of Life, I am not paid to endorse them. However, it was amazing to find this and just shout, “YES!” A company that finally gets it. There is no reason you shouldn’t always give your body the best food ever.


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