6 Tips For Your Kettlebell Overhead Press

Recently at MBSC, we (the staff) have been abusing the KB overhead press. Well, not abusing, but just loving it. Most of us are doing some sort of pressing, or OH KB work of some variation everyday. Since kettlebells run in such larger increments than dumbbells, it can be frustrating to be stuck at the 32kg for so long, and not able to make the jump to the 36kg (which is a 8.8lb jump). This was me about 6 weeks ago. Fortunately, Sam Dadd and Ana Tocco gave me some good tools to help improve my press that have gotten me to the 36 on both sides. Here’s a couple of takeaways from what they gave me:

1) Press- obviously to get your press better, you have to press.

2) Press sub-maximally- you can’t go pick up the 32 and rep it 2-3x per set everyday and expect to make jumps right to the 36, press the 28 for sets of 3, press 24 for 5s or 6s…

3) Do overhead kettlebell carries- even if you have to use a push press to get it OH, you should be able to hold and carry a bell that is as heavy, or heavier than your max press.

4) Don’t forget about your horizontal pressing, it will help. Push-ups and floor presses will help your OH press.

5) Press cold. If you work in a gym setting and you’re fortunate enough to be around bells all day. Pick one up randomly during the day, and just press it. Repeat.

6) The golden rule, practice your Turkish Get-Ups how often? That’s right, still everyday.

That’s about it. Smart people helping people get stronger.

Be sure to sign up for the MBSC Winter Seminar on January 18th, where Sam Dadd and Ana Tocco will be doing a hands on kettlebell workshop.


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