Do What You Love

Over the past year I have become so swamped with personal training and massage/movement therapy, that it had been almost a year since I have coached a large group of young athletes or adults. Well, for 2014, I’m already achieving one of my resolutions/goals. I’m coaching more groups at MBSC. 2 days per week, I am sharing a LARGE group of middle schoolers with Kevin Larrabee and Kaitlyn Sharpless. I’m also coaching adult groups 4 nights per week again. 

The reason I just felt like throwing together this little post is to remind people to DO WHAT YOU LOVE. It’s been really easy to get caught up in personal training and treatment sessions because let’s face it, it pays more, you can get results quicker and it’s much more personal. However, I have been SO happy since I started coaching a few groups per week again. It’s really not that much, just a few hours, but it reminds me of why I started doing what I do in the first place. It’s where I began at MBSC, a broke, young coach teaching 11 or 50 year olds how to skip. Somewhere along the way I lost sight of how important that is to my balance and mental health. 


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