I have been working out at MBSC with Marco since the summer of 2009 and he has been instrumental in my development. He always seems to know the perfect stretches/exercises to fix a problem I am having. He has a unique ability to push you harder to get results while still maintaining a close eye on your form and technique. I have noticed huge improvements in my lateral speed and explosive movement since working with him. I will continue to train with Marco as long as I have the opportunity.

Mark “Roo” Adams
Malden Catholic Hockey (2004-2008)
Chicago Steel, USHL (2008-2009)
Providence College Hockey (2010-current)
Buffalo Sabres, NHL 2009 5th Round Draft Pick #134 Overall

I have been training with Marco since the Fall of 2010. Marco has helped me reduce my injuries, increased my strength, and has made me into the strongest athlete I have ever been.  I started going to Marco so he could make me into a high school varsity ice hockey player as a freshman, he was able to make me a varsity athlete but that is probably the least he has done for me. With his positive and charismatic attitude he was able to push me to do something that I wanted to do for a long time just never knew how. His training combined with the nutritional program from his affiliate RAWthentic Nutrition, helped me lose 50 pounds in a little over a year!!! Before going to Marco I was constantly getting injured and not at my best, but I can say with confidence that he is the best investment that any person can make not only towards their sports careers but also towards ones over all health and happiness. I am in the best physical and mental condition of my life thanks to Marco.

Jumana Dahleh, client since 2010
Wisconson University Madison, Crew

Marco Sanchez brought me from an average hockey player to being competitive at the national level in just one summer. Now he’s trained me for two years and he continues to push me further than I ever thought I could go. Before I trained with Marco, I was constantly getting hurt with small injuries but as soon as I started with him I have been injury free. He never lets me slack off, but more importantly I never want to slack off when he trains me because I have that much respect for him and the training program he uses. Not only has my strength and speed improved tremendously but I’m more mobile and flexible which translates directly to the ice. More importantly I feel healthy and strong. But I think the best part about Marco is that he’ll share the same music taste with a teenage girl for an hour and a half four times a week.

Ellie DeCaprio, client since 2010
The Rivers School, Colgate University 2018

As a rower, a huge part of my sport is physical strength and conditioning. A rower must have excellent cardiovascular endurance and a great amount of power so that each stroke is very strong and just as powerful as the last. Marco was able to help me prepare for the spring crew season with regular training over the winter. I strongly believe that the work I did with Marco was the reason for my success this crew season because my erg scores (measures of how hard you can pull in a race) improved drastically after my training with him. Due to this strength increase I moved from 2nd and 3rd boat to the 1st Lightweight Eight on my crew team which went on to finish 6th at Youth Rowing Nationals in Ohio. I am very glad I worked with Marco because he greatly improved my physical conditioning and helped me reach my full potential as an athelete.

Oliver Pucker, client since 2009
Weston High School, Brown University 2015

I have been an endurance runner and dedicated gym patron for over a decade. My typical exercise habits have lead me to incur a myriad of overuse injuries- sprains, muscle pulls and tears,knee and ankle pain etc. I have been training with Marco for the past 8 months and he has not only increased my strength, speed, and flexibility, but he has also managed to help me stay injury free. Marco develops workouts that support and guide my personal exercise goals. Since I began training with Marco, my running speed has increased and I have stayed injury free through both marathon and triathlon training. Using his knowledge and creativity, Marco develops personalized workouts that are challenging and motivating but most importantly- they are fun.

Denise Loranger, 9-time Marathon Finisher, Tri-Athlete, client since 2011

As a 50+ woman that had little knowledge or discipline with healthy and injury free exercise, Marco came to my rescue. I have worked with Marco for 2 and 1/2 years. I am stronger, more aware of how my body works and eating healthier due in part to Marco sharing (with enthusiasm and passion) his expertise with me. From kettlebell work, Turkish getups to push ups and ropes – Marco knows what I need to be a better me. And, if I have any pain issues – with a combination of body work, rest, and specific exercise – he knows what to do to make it better.
Laura Uebelein

I met with Marco literally 6 days before a marathon because I had been experiencing some pain off and on along my IT band, particularly on the outside of my knee. He examined everything and found the exact place on my TFL, which was extremely tight. He massaged the area that was tender and gave me some exercises to do using a lacrosse ball. He also gave me rock tape to try out. I did those exercises several times before the marathon and used the rock tape on race day. My legs felt great during the entire race and I ended up completing the marathon in my best time, qualifying for the Boston Marathon. I can’t thank Marco enough for his help!

Scott Zeller, 4 time marathon finisher

I’ve been training with Marco for three years. I have lots of injury history but he always finds away to work around it. Since training with Marco my range of motion has improved and even with all my injuries I feel the best I have in years. I started out swinging 12kg kettle bells and now up to the 24kg. Couldn’t do push ups off the floor now can do 8. When I do have issues (which I have a lot) he uses his knowledge of massage to help the issue.

Linda Koenig, Hockey Coach

I’ve been a client for the last two years. I came to him with a list of my overuse injuries from years of bad form, too much running, etc. Now I can swing a 28 kg kettle bell and do multiple sets of 5 bodyweight pull-ups! A recently re-injured shoulder (putting suitcase in overhead!) was a set back, but Marco has been able to adapt my workouts around the injury and use manual therapy to speed my recovery from it. I can lift more weight now than when I was 20, and I’m over 40. 

A few of the things I’ve learned from Marco: Breathe, then breathe some more. Foam rolling, enough said. My body has a left side and a right side, and they don’t always work the same way. Rest is good for you. Veggies are food, everything else is a condiment.

Kathleen Brown, super mom (legit)