Sanchez Strength offers a wide variety of treatment plans. The first step is identifying which is best for you.


Orthopedic massage is intended for clients with any one or more site specific issues. These issues could be any of the following or any combination of; chronic pain, discomfort, injury, dysfunction or immobility.

Orthopedic massage will always include movement therapy. Following an assessment and massage therapy, corrective exercises and movement patterns will be implemented. Massage therapy alone is not always enough to facilitate healing. The body needs to RE-LEARN movement patterns to correct dysfunction and ensure that the issues do not reoccur.


Full body treatment is a great option for clients with a primary goal of stress and tension reduction. Not necessarily suffering from any one particular injury or pain, but more looking for a chance to relax. This is a great option for someone who is recovering from or in the final preparation stages of competition.

The full body treatment would be considered a typical massage therapy session. Following a short assessment, to identify focus areas, clients will relax in a soothing environment and receive a full body treatment that can incorporate any combination of the following:

Swedish Massage

Generally Swedish massage is regarded as the best relaxation massage. Moderate pressure on the muscles and soft tissue structures has a soothing affect on the parasympathetic nervous system. In the short term, it has been proven to improve blood flow to starved tissues, lower blood pressure, lower blood glucose levels, and lower stress levels. The gentle, kneading compressions have a positive effect on circulation and the nervous system that can help you unwind, breath deeply, and let go.

Deep Tissue

Working with the deeper muscle tissue can help to relieve deep-seated tension patterns that can develop over time. Deep tissue techniques can be very precise, focusing on the realignment of adhered muscle fibers or collagen build up from scar tissue. Applying more pressure and accessing these deeper tissue structures, can provide longer lasting relief for injured, overused, and chronically tense tissue.

Myofascial Release

This technique works with the connective tissue structures that encase every muscle and deeper, every muscle fiber. It is a slow, consistent, dry stroke that uses the heat and friction between the hand and your tissue to warm and liquefy this connective tissue. Where before these tissues were ‘stuck’ together, by freeing the casing around each muscle, the muscles and muscles fibers are able to move and slide over one another. This will provide the benefit of added flexibility and mobility of tissue.

Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular therapy is much more static than other forms of circulatory massage, but is often incorporated into whole body treatments. It is a different form of soft tissue manipulation that encompasses many different modalities like trigger point therapy, PNF stretching, and tender point therapy. Trigger Point therapy is a very common neuromuscular technique. We’ve all experienced referring pain from a tense muscle or band in a muscle. Often times, this tightness is actually a splinting mechanism that occurs to cope with a micro-tear or small injury within that tissue. By applying ischemic pressure to such a point, it can  relax the muscle as it is forced to let go of tension it is holding. This theory can also be applied to muscles that are spasmed and cramping by broader application of force. Neuromuscular therapy is a very effective way to treat clients with chronic or persistent pain, and easily incorporated into any full body treatment.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a broad term for many different modalities. Stretching specific muscles and muscle groups is the basis for this type of massage. By incorporating sports massage techniques into a full body treatment, the muscles are not only massaged and relieved of tension, they are also lengthened and stretched for optimal use. Often, sports massage is used before a big race or event because it warms and energizes the muscles.