When Marco began his internship at MBSC in the summer of 2009, he had very little training experience. He had always ‘lifted weights’ for gains in both performance, size and strength, but had very little knowledge on designing safe and effective, goal oriented training programs.

His philosophy, developed primarily from his Boyle upbringing, has a handful of guidelines that are standard for ALL clients.


DO NO HARM which translates to ‘Movement First.’ Movement must be prioritized and functional before adding load, speed or duration. This ensures that strength is not built on top of dysfunction, making the process even harder to reverse.

ASSESSMENT no two bodies are the same, which means no two bodies move the same. Every client/athlete must be assessed in order to create a program that is individualized to their particular abilities, restrictions and goals.

MINIMAL DOSE, MAXIMUM EFFECT we will always use the minimal dose to create the maximum effect. This is in order to prevent injury and overtraining.

TECHNICAL FAILURE we will never work past technical failure. This means, when the technique of the exercise is no longer being executed properly, the exercise ends. This prevents injury and overtraining.

TRACK PROGRESS/REASSESS the best way to reach goals and gain results are to monitor progress and have regimented periods of reassessment. This ensures that the program has the client headed down the right path.

RESPECT we will treat our bodies, our program, every set and rep with the attention to detail that it deserves. This applies for the coach as well as the client.

After having these great guidelines engrained in his head, Marco began to explore more into kettlebell training. He always used kettlebells at Mike Boyle’s, and became very interested in utilizing them more after having results in his strength gains, movement function and pain evaporation. His practice is now heavily based on kettlebell training.

With movement as a primary focus of his training philosophy, Marco spends a lot of time working with clients on things not usually found in traditional training. Priority is placed on learning basic human movement.